Wednesday, August 6, 2008


That is the question of the day.

How do you ladies do it.

How do you manage to post almost everyday.

I have been home from my vacation since July 24th, and this is pretty much the 1st chance I have gotten to post. I have been home maybe 2 days in a row before I am on the road again, going somewhere and doing something.

Ok, I came home on the 24th from Vegas, on the 26th I had to take my daughter Spoony to Long Island, she wanted to spend the summer there with her cousin. Got home on July 30th.

On August 1st was in the car again, for a couples weekend with friends in the Poconos, got home on August 3rd, my 23rd anniversary.

Left again on August 5th, back to Long Island, but for reason that were not good. My best friend of 37 years, her mom is not doing well, but that will be another post. Got back today which is August 6st.

Ok I am done, do not have to leave again until August 16th, to take Spoony to college in New York City. So I can now post my heart out, I think. Oh I know something will come up.

My job wants to know when I am coming back, but I am just to busy to go to work, besides I think I am already working. The only problem is there is no pay. Whats up with that?


AudreyO said...

I post 2 or 3 times per week. Really it's only 10-15 minutes of my time and so I just do it :)

I'm sorry about your friends mother :(

Anonymous said...

I am a blogging addict; the blog gives me no choice! And I don't know WHY we shouldn't get paid to blog and twitter and all the other fun online things! ;-)