Monday, May 26, 2008

The End of the Weekend

Well the end of this 3 day weekend is coming to a close. And what a beautiful weekend it was, weather wise.

I spent a good part of it being a taxi cab driver, but with absolutely no pay, (whats up with that) but then again that is really no different then any other day. Just a few more extra trips. With 4 kids you have to expect it, even when 2 of them have cars. But my daughters are smart, they will not drive their brothers places, unless they get gas money. My one daughter, Spooney, will take my car when she has no gas, and that is a big deal, because she absolutely hates driving my mini van, its so uncool.

Its mom, take me here, mom pick me up, mom take me to work, pick me up from work, run to the stores, come back, run again. You would think that gas was free.

Kids have no concept on how much it cost to go places. I have learned to charge them for rides, mow the lawn you get some rides. Weed wack, that is some more rides. Clean, clean clean, there's a few more rides.

Look at that, I get things done, and all I have to do is sit behind the wheel, and walla things are done. Works for me.

Then to top it off I drove my daughter 230 miles to her grandmothers house on LI, so that she could spend the summer here. As I stated in my last blog, she is home from college, and was no way, no how going to stay home in upstate NY for the summer, she neeeeeeds to be here, where there is more going on. I really can't blame her.

I grew up in Queens New York, and always had something to do.

So I will stay here until Wednesday, then head on back home, another 230 miles WAHO!!!!

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