Thursday, May 29, 2008

Websites and Blogs

I have been doing a bit of searching on the web the last few days, and have come across a few sites that I really enjoyed. I would like to share these sites with you all.

My fav is......The Mom Blogs.....GREAT SITE This site is for moms that blog, meet new moms, share ideas, chat, play some games. There are alot of great blogs on this site, you have to check it out, there are a few listed on my site in the sidebar.

ThunderFap This site has things that are free, today I got tampons and deodorant for my daughter. They update the list of their daily free samples.

Coupons At this site you can print free coupons.

The Womens Nest another of my favs. Forums, articles, shopping, everything for women. This is a must to check out.

I am not done with my searches as of yet, will be posting more of my finds. Till then I hope you get the chance to look these sites over.


Jane @ Kidzarama said...

Thanks for sharing those links ~I've seen you on themomblogs :)

I'm off to check out The Women's Nest now!

Briana said...

Off to check out the freebie site!!! I love freebies!!!