Friday, May 23, 2008

Home, but not for Long

Well its Friday morning, and I am home, thank you very much.....but not for long, another road trip is coming on Tuesday.

My oldest daughter Meg is on her way home today from college, but she does not intend to stay to long. Tuesday is it, Meg will be heading down to LI for the summer, she wants to be near the city, and all the fun stuff, that we don't have up here in the sticks.

And yes, I will have to accompany her down, for she has never driven down to the Island, and is a bit nervous about doing so. Can't really say I blame her, after my nice trip, make that 2 trips down last week.

I really won't mind the travel if the gas prices would stop going up....its nuts, but out of my control, so no need to bitch about that.

I really am looking forward to my baby coming home, just wish she would stay a bit longer, but she is 20 years old and will do what she wants to do.

My poor mother, I hope she can handle this, she is 80 years old, still works 1 day a week. But having to have 2 girls (my niece is living with her too, because her college is close by, and she is taking summer classes) ages 19 and 20. Moms been then, done that. Sorry mom! Told mom, to kick my daughter out and send her sorry ass home to me, if she does not want to follow G'ma's rules.

I am sure there will be no problem, G'ma loves having the girls around, I just hope she has not bitten off more then she can chew. They really are good girls, but they don't always think.

I will pray for you G'ma you are the best.


Nilz said...

Nice blog you have Jane! I'll visit again.

Carrie said...

Hi, I popped over from The Mom Blogs, hello newbie! Welcome and I hope you are having fun ;)

Julia said...

Hi Jane
I can the daily grind. I am a physician with three teens. Visit me for shared experiences and hilarity