Saturday, June 7, 2008


Apalachin is in the Southern Tier of New York State. This is where we migrated to 10 years ago from a very very far place (actually 200 miles away) Long Island.

I have yet to meet someone who does not make fun of the way I speak, right off the bat, its like "Your from Long GUYLAND", and I say "No I am from Long Island". They seem to think that that is the way we say Long Island. Not me, never have. They say I have an accent, I don't think so. We Long GUYLANDERS just change the "ER" at the end of a word to "A", such as "HAMMA" instead of "HAMMER".

Well all is well and good, they can pick on me all they want, at least I know how to really pronounce the name of my town.

OK, so you see this towns name and you would think to yourself,

Apalachin could be pronounced A-pal-a-chin. Nope


Apalachin could be pronounced Apple-Lay-Chin. Nope, that is spelled Appalachian like the Mountain range. This is the way most people pronounce the name of my town, (the people who don't live here, that is) like my good old friends in Long GUYland.

So the correct way to pronounce the name of my town is:


After 10 years I still don't get it.


Jen@Whimsy By Design said...

I don't get it either! Thanks for the laugh, greaqt blog! Up here in Upstate NY we pronounce our vowels really long like "Roooochester"

Thanks so much for joining the blog train! I hope it helps out!


Kandace said...

Too cute. Longguyland...that's one word right?

Fellow SITSer but came via momblog forum. Cute place you have here.

-Bridget said...

Clearly, there is an entire population of people in a little place called "apple-a-shun" that has no clue how to pronounce their own town name.

Michelle said...

Born in Philly and living in New Jersey, everyone who meets me for the first time expects that when I open my mouth, I am going to sound like one of The Sopranos. Not!