Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bathing Suits

Please explain to me about the way bathing suits are sold. I remember when you could go into the store and buy your bathing suit all together, a top with a bottom.

I have been to 2 department stores this week looking for bathing suits for my 2 daughters, ages 17 and 20. You want to talk about getting absolutely frustrated, well that was me.

You find the top part of the suit, then good luck finding the bottom that matches, or the right size. I would come across a top part, like it, then look around for the bottom, and when I find the bottom part, they only have one size left, and somethings I would not even find a bottom that matched. What is everyone just buying the bottom half. Are all the girls going topless? I am not getting this.

And to top it all off, the bathing suit section is like a bomb went off. It is a mess.

I did manage to come out of this mess with 2 suits for my 20 year old, because they had a sale if you are lucky enough to find the other half of your suit it only cost you 88 cents. This was at Penny's. So instead of a 50 dollar suit, it was 25 dollars and 88 cents. So she ended up with 2. (got home and one did not fit....SHIT) hate to go back. Daughter number 2 only got one, she wanted a tankini and that was not on sale, but it was just as hard to find.

So it looks as if I have to go back to the bathing suit war zone.

Please pray for me.


Jane @ Kidzarama said...

I've noticed this too, and it drives me crazy.
It started a few years ago when someone had the idea for "mix and match", and now everyone does it!

It's like trying to buy matching underwear, especially when there's a sale on. :P

Nicki Mann said...

I know what ya mean! I tried buying bathing suits for two little girls at the last minute, for a pool party, thinking it would take about ten minutes to pick up the suits! Wrong! I prefer one-piece suits myself... makes things MUCH easier!

JenD said...

funny. I don't get it either. cute blog

kolin said...

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