Monday, June 30, 2008


It is Monday afternoon, and all I can say is "THANK YOU".

Here is a picture of my daughter Spoony in her Prom Dress. My little fashionista designed and made the dress all by herself. I am very proud of her.

Its finally all over with. The prom, the company, the party, the clean-up, all done. The last of my guest have just left.

It has been a long but fun process.

The prom was great and so was the all nighter, according to my daughter. At my daughters school, they have an all-nighter after the prom ends. They set up the high school with all different activities for the kids to do, and it runs from 1am to 6am. They do this to keep the kids from getting wasted and driving. They even raffle off a car. My daughter won a 15 dollar gas card.

Friday I started preparing for the party, my in-laws were here to lend a hand. That was a great help.

Saturday my sister in law and girlfriend, (after driving 3 hours) came and helped with the cooking while I was at the ceremony. They are great, always there to help. The party started at 4pm and lasted until 2am. Everyone had a great time. My son's band played for the party, that was a big hit.

Sunday morning out of town company came for breakfast, and everyone except for my friend Deb left. I spent all of Sunday on the couch vegging out, enjoying the company of my friend, Deb, who I have not seen in about a year.
Monday, slept in until 9:45, shame on me. Took my girlfriend to the bus station, picked up thank you cards, and returned the beer cag.
I am just so happy that it is all over with.
Now I have to start getting ready for our family vacation to the Grand Canyon which we leave on the 8th of July.


Maiya's Mom said...
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Maiya's Mom said...

Wow is all I can say!!!Jane I hate to be the one who has to burst your bubble but.....Its "NOT" OVER YET a mother job never ends :) Reading about your weekend makes me feel exhausted so I can imagine how you feel. Your daughter has an eye for fashion. Her dress was adorable! Now off to College we GO!!!

Willow said...

Your daughter and her dress are lovely! And your kid's high school is smart with the after-prom party. I sure hope you get to relax on that trip to the Grand Canyon. You deserve it!

Jane @ Kidzarama said...

Spoony did an absolutely fabulous job on her dress!

It's really classy. :)

I can't imagine being able to just design something and heypresto create it, just like that!