Monday, June 2, 2008

Back To Work

Well today was the day, I went back to work.

The day started off at 4:45, was leaving the house at 5:30, could not find my cell phone, so I decided to call it from the house phone, but the cordless house phone went dead. Five minutes later my son The Man came up the stairs not looking to happy, he had my cell phone in hand, the ringing woke him up, well to bad, maybe you shouldn't have had my phone.

Left the house got to my office and was pretty cold, it was only 50 degrees, so I proceeded to put on my work sweatshirt, to find out that I had taken my husbands Jet sweatshirt. (We need to wear shirts and sweatshirts with the company logo on them). So I was going to have to just be cold and deal with it. Went to unlock the office door, when I noticed my daughters car key in my bag, and realized that I took the wrong car. Hubby was taking my van in for the inspection. Well that is not getting done today. Then went through an hour of on and off again hot flashes. Well this is turning out to be the day of all days.

Well I made it through work, and it felt like I never even took off 2 months. Can honestly say that I was not the happy camper being back on the job. But everyone was very happy to see me back, which was nice. Finished work at 12:20 and got home at 2:00. Great time to relax before the kids get home from school, yeah right no such luck, my daughter Spoony walked in 5 minutes after me. Then the phone starts ringing, then my son, Skaterdude soon after that walks in. No rest for the weary. Oh well guess it will be an early night for me, because it will start again at 4:45am on Tuesday.

Well all that is left for this day, is my hour walk with the hubby and cooking dinner, doing some wash, and then its off to bed for me.

Sleep tight!

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