Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Dam Seagulls

Sitting on the beach yesterday, with my BFF.

The dam seagulls, are a pain in the ass. What little scavengers. They are trying to pick garbage out of the garbage cans, ya know the ones that are like a mesh, pulling out straws, dropping them, then trying to pull out plastic bags. They were really getting on my nerves. There was one seagull, that was determined to get this plastic bag that had a bag of chips in it away from this persons blanket. He struts up and picks it up and marches away, we yelled at him, he drops it and we put it back, placing it behind the peoples cooler. Then he kinda just walks around looking like he is just hanging out. Then he walks around the cooler to the outside and grabs the bag, again we yell at the dumb bird, and this time we placed the bag under a towel. Ok so that is a done deal now. Now there is this lady with her kid sitting eating lunch on their blanket, and down swoops a seagull and snatches the women's sandwich right out of her hands. What I don't get is that there is a whole Atlantic Ocean a few feet away with plenty of fish in it to eat. They can't be that lazy, to go fishing. As we were leaving the beach a little boy was standing in the sand with some potato chips on the ground in front of him, and I swear all the seagulls at the beach were surrounding this poor little boy.

I am sorry but I am not at all a bird lover, of any kind.
I will tell you my other bird story another time.

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