Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What A Beautiful Day

I have to say that today was an absolutely beautiful day, weather wise.

The kind of day where you say, screw the house cleaning and the laundry, forget cooking dinner. I am getting my sorry ass outa this house. The kinda day where you go out and do whatever it is that will make you happy to be alive. Whether its laying in the pool on a float, swinging on the pouch swing, playing in the park with your kids, or driving in your car with the top down and the music blasting (provided you have a car that the top goes down on, I myself drive a mini van, so I am not doing that).

The last few days have been so freakin hot and humid, that I have really not left the house since I went to work on Saturday night. I just couldn't stand the heat and humidity, and with the hot flashes that just seemed to never go away, it was just brutal for me.

I was so looking forward to today, after hearing the weather forecast. But I ended up missing most of the day, and am not a happy camper about that at all.

The reason for my missing this absolutely beautiful day, was due to the fact that I did not get home from work until 6am this morning. I should have been home by 1am, but no such luck. So after being up for close to 24 hours, I needed to get some sleep.

I am an auditor for a company that does inventories for stores.

Last night we were doing a store, where I started at 9:30. There were some new hires, that made a mess of the counts, so needless to say, I had to stay and do recounts from 1am until 5:45.

The guy running the job, decided to do things his way, and instead of fixing the counts, by printing them out and just adding or taking away items, he decides he is going to delete all the work out of the computer that was wrong and have the few of us left to recount all the areas that got fucked up.

That has got to be the stupidest idea ever. What the &^%$#@ was he thinking, or should I say not thinking. Then while I was doing the recounts, I am finding nothing wrong, the store employees made the mistakes, not us, (well some of us did make some of them, but not all of them) and the counts were right, but he had already deleted the work, so we had no choice but to do the work all over again.

NEVER AGAIN!!!! Not me, no how, no way, will work with him again.They can fire me, if need be. One of our employees, decided to just give up and leave at 4:30 and went home. Wish I could have the nerve to do that.

So since I got home at 6am, my absolutely beautiful day was spent sleeping....UGH.

I did manage to get outside and sit and swing on the pouch swing this afternoon, and it was nice.

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Aub-Margret said...

Sorry your day was messed up by such a sucky decision. Hope you get some rest and more beautiful weather to enjoy.

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