Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Schools out for Summer

Yipee, Yahoo, Wahoo, and all those other silly words, school is out for the summer, and I am a very happy camper. I love the last day of school, you think I was the one going. I just love the fact that I do not have to deal with kids and homework, test, school projects, etc. for 2 whole months. I also like having my kids home with me.

I have just returned from Skaterdudes 8th grade graduation. I am so very proud of him, he received tonight the Academic Presidential Award, The Perfect Attendance Award, and was also on the Honor Roll for 2 quarters. Considering the child spends most, did I say most, I mean all of his time on his skateboard, its amazing he does so awesome in school.

Well when the graduation was complete I had to go and introduce myself to the Assistant Principal, since I have spoken to her on the phone every few weeks for the last year, due to Skaterdudes obnoxious behavior in school. I felt I needed to meet her in person. She loves my son, I mean he is a cutie, and its hard to get mad at him, but he really does some pretty stupid things. My daughter even wrote a paper for her English class on the dopey things he does, but he still manages to pull out a 90 GPA. Now if he would only apply himself, he would be even more amazing.

Still the same I am very proud of him, and am thankful that I have 2 months to recoup before he hits High School.

Now the next thing is Sr. Prom on Thursday night for my daughter Spoony.

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